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Another “upscale casual’ destination in Newark is Caffe Gelato, at 90 E. Main St. Owner Ryan German said his eatery has been successful because they came into a market with so many pizza shops and places that market themselves to college students only, which is something they do not do.

“We market ourselves to the professionals in Newark, the residents, the professors,” he said. “I grew up in Newark all my life and 1 recognized there’s a much larger market than just the University.”

German said he takes his hat off to any business that truly markets to college students. “That’s hard to do,” he said. “The (University of Delaware) is only in session eight months out of the year, so if you can be successful on the student body you’re doing something right.”

German said in order to cater to the business lunch crowd; they offer quick meals, like homemade focaccia bread, soups and Panini sandwiches especially for them. Take advantage of his cafe’s tablecloths, linen napkins and candlelight.

“I really wanted to create a place to dine upscale in Newark,” he said. ‘Where people maybe used to go to Wilmington, now they can stay right in Newark.”

German said even the alcohol specials they offer, are focused on a higher-end crowd.

Originally published July 2001 online at: The New Castle Business Ledger
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