Best dessert: Caffe Gelato

The summer months approach promising days of simmering heat. When Delaware’s humidity turns the air into a sticky blanket of noxious gasses clinging to every part of the body, residents search in desperation for something cold, tasty and creamy to soothe the desert in their mouths.

Never fear, Gelato is here.

Owner Ryan German says bacio, which has a chocolate hazelnut flavor is the café’s best selling gelato. “It tastes like Ferrero Rocher candy,” he says.

Twenty to 30 gallons of gelato are sold per day during the spring and summer, German says. Employee Danny Profita makes the gelato daily on the premises.

“It takes 11 minutes to make a batch of ice cream,” he says.

German says he thinks the café is popular because it features a product no other establishment on Main Street offers.

“The definition of gelato is homemade Italian ice cream.” He says. “And if something is homemade – from scratch – it’s gonna taste good.”

By Andrea Benvenuto

Originally published May 1, 2001 by The Review, University of Delaware, in “Best of Newark”
Copyright ©2001 The Review
Reprinted by permission