Newark, Delaware: Next Time, Get Off the Exit

An Excerpt from the beginning of this article includes their mention of Caffe Gelato below:

The kids were 10 deep on the porches at the Deer Park Tavern and all but hanging from the rafters indoors, waiting for the Friday night music to start. So that was a no-go. Instead we headed for a late dinner at trendy Caffe Gelato, at the other end of Main Street. Our sidewalk table was a prime people-watching post, and the peeps of Newark, Del. – strollers, skateboarders, party seekers and students, students, students galore – more than obliged.

A gaggle of young women came by. They were wearing little wreaths of laurel (probably acacia, actually) on their heads, except for one who sported a pair of fuzzy bunny ears. They spotted a pal sitting two tables over from us and hooted and hollered for her to join them. She wouldn’t, and the squeals over our heads got louder before the pack moved on. The last girl fluttered “Sorrysorrysorry,” then raced after the gang yelling, “Whoo! Senior bar crawl!!”

We had to laugh. There’s just something about a college town, you know?

By Zofia Smardz
Washington Post Staff Writer

Originally published May 22, 2007 at
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