Caffe Gelato Owner is a COSMO Hunk !

Ryan German (Photo: Eric McNatt)
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Ryan German

Newark, restaurateur/entrepreneur

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial bent. When I was 11, I ran a muffin stand in front of my house. In college, I started a house-painting franchise that made enough money to get me a loan to open my restaurant, Caffé Gelato.”

Age: 25

A typical Saturday: “You’ll find me playing rugby. It’s a great way to keep in shape.”

Most rave-worthy body region: “My stomach. I’ve been lucky to have washboard abs since I was young.”

Fave first move: “Head and back massages.”

Dating deal-breaker: “Lack of enthusiasm, lack of humor and lack of a job!”

Women should know: “That clever hints are lost on a guy. It’s better to say what you want than wait for him to figure it out.”

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