Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Our Quick Holiday Party Planning Checklist

December is finally here! There’s quite a bit packed into one month – from office holiday parties, to family get-togethers, or festive happy hours. Taking the time to carefully plan everything can seem daunting and stressful at first. Luckily, we’re here to help! We want you to know that we’re here for you! If you’re planning a holiday party and don’t know where to start, CG’s made a checklist of some holiday party planning essentials:

  1. Set the date, time, location, and estimated headcount in advance. To plan a party, you first have to get the basics. Send out invitations as far in advance as possible, and remind potential guests of the RSVP date.
  2. Choose the party vibes. Is it going to be more casual and laid-back? Is it a cocktail party or a full sit-down dinner? Think carefully about what you want your party to look like, and how the style can fit into your budget.
  3. Get some good eats. Once you determine your headcount, it’s time to get a menu together! Ask a few of your guests what they would like to eat, and make sure you’re aware of any dietary restrictions. Stuck on a dessert idea? Stop by Caffe Gelato to pick up our featured candy cane gelato all month long!
  4. Set a budget. It’s always good to have an idea of how much money you’d like to spend. Make sure to account for catering, decorations, venue pricing, and any other desired expenses.
  5. Have fun! It’s easy to get caught up in the stress, but the holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family. Holiday parties are the perfect way to bring everyone together! Can’t do it all? No worries – potlucks are always in style!

Need more ideas? Call the holiday party planning experts at Caffe Gelato! We can cater to a variety of holiday events for any size and occasion! Give us a call at (302) 533-0201 to kick your holiday season off right!