Caffe Gelato Blog: Tequila 101 – Everything You Need to Know about Summer’s Most Popular Drink

Whether you like tequila on the rocks or salt-rimmed margaritas, you’ve probably enjoyed this spirit at happy hour or on the beach sometime this summer. Perfectly paired with chips and salsa or a hearty burger and fries, tequila adds just the right amount of heat to any savory dish. But how much do you actually know about this trendy summer spirit?

Tequila is extracted from the blue agave plant and must be distilled twice to preserve its signature taste. The first tequila that’s produced from the distilling pots holds a hefty 55% alcohol by volume (ABV), and it’s otherwise known as blanco. This is typically used for a salt and lime shot or tasty tequila sunrise. However, tequila is often aged for a certain period of time to create different flavors. The copper-colored reposado is when it’s aged for 2-12 months in an oak barrel, and the dark amber anejo is when it’s aged for 1-3 years. That’s a long time for a drink!

What you may not know is that tequila is and can only be produced in Mexico, primarily in the state of Jalisco. Otherwise it’s called mezcal, which comes from the agave plant but has a slightly different process. Be on the lookout for the “100% agave tequila” printed on the bottle to make sure it’s the real stuff.

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