Caffe Gelato Blog: CG Wine Guide!

Overwhelmed by our wine list? Need some good pairing suggestions on your next night out? Caffe Gelato’s got you covered. We got some insider information from our bartender, Jose, for some good tips and tricks on how to the select the best wine for your meal! Here are some of his highlights:

  • Steaks and lamb pair well with the well-rounded, full body red wines. Our Grilled Center Cut Filet Mignon goes perfectly with our glass of Argentinian Malbec! Jose loves the red wines from Chile – the grapes grow in a perfect airy environment.
  • For scallops, pick a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. They’re not as heavy as red meats, so a nice white wine will complement the lighter feel of the seafood.
  • Pasta dishes depend on the sauce used. For our Frutti di Mare, tossed with a white wine sauce, Jose recommends a glass of the Sterling Chardonnay. For our Parma Rosa sauce, used in our Tortellini and Lump Crab and Shrimp Capellini, Shiraz will do the trick!
  • If you’re looking for just an appetizer or salad, any glass of Rose will do just fine. Rose is the sweetest wine and can be paired with any one of our salads!
  • Save room for dessert! A hearty glass of Porto pairs well with our Chocolate Olive Oil Tart or mascarpone cream cheese. It’s a wonderful finish to a night out!

No plans yet for this weekend? Be sure to stop by Caffe Gelato for lunch or dinner! Call (302) 533-0201 to make a reservation. Come out with your friends and impress them with your newfound wine knowledge!