Caffe Gelato Blog: 6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving in at College

It’s back to school season! In just a couple weeks, thousands of students will be returning to the University of Delaware and colleges across the state to begin a new semester. Main Street will soon be bustling with groups of students, parents, and families from all around the area. I would like to start by giving a BIG welcome to the incoming freshman! You’re about to start one of the most unforgettable, life-changing journeys you’ll ever have. But you might be a little nervous – okay, maybe a lot nervous. You might be wondering what to pack, what clubs to sign up for, which textbooks to get, and how to actually adult! Your parents are probably worried about you living on your own for the first time, too. The excitement of starting college will all lead up to the big milestone: move-in day. But don’t worry – I came up with a list of tips to follow to make sure moving in is a stress-free, enjoyable experience to start your college career!

  1. Bring water/refreshments. Moving boxes in out of dorms (especially dorms with no elevators) can get exhausting for both parents and students. It’s a good idea to bring a few bottles of water before hitting the road so you stay hydrated. Definitely bring a few snacks too – it’ll take at least a couple hours to move everything in, so you’ll probably get hungry!
  2. Pack light. Okay, this one is tough, I know. When I first started college, I packed so many things “just in case I needed it.” As it turns out, I didn’t really need that much. Try as much as you can to pack as light as possible. You can always re-stock groceries or clothes when you need it. Lots of stores have some amazing discounts for students!
  3. Check the college website for banned items. Some items such as candles and extension cords aren’t allowed because they create a fire hazard for the dorms. Be sure to keep that in mind before you start packing!
  4. Don’t forget cleaning supplies. Even if you’re a neat freak, dorms do pick up dust and spills throughout the semester. It’s super important to pack disinfecting wipes, a broom, Febreeze, and other cleaning products to keep your room clean and fresh. You don’t want to be that person with a dirty dorm room!
  5. Limit who tags along. While move-in day is a very important experience for college students that the entire family will want to see, having 8 or 9 relatives around can end up making the process more complicated than it needs to be. You can always celebrate with a big dinner afterwards, but save the move-in process for two or three people at the most.
  6. Finally, find a good place to eat. College students need to find some good places to eat around campus. Fortunately for UD students, Main Street has a ton. But you might be wondering where to take your family this weekend after move-in is over…I’m here to tell you that Caffe Gelato is a great choice! We serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-3pm, AND you can get 50% off your order if you show up in UD gear on Saturday. We also have a $5 bottomless mimosa and bloody Mary bar on Sundays, perfect to relax after all that running!

Good luck and have fun!