Caffe Gelato Blog: Pizza Pop Quiz! Test Your Knowledge and Learn About the History of Wood-Fired Pizza

1. The first pizza oven was found in:

A. Ancient Greece

B. Ancient Rome

C. Venice

D. Florence

2. During Medieval times in Northern Europe, pizza ovens (and the profit made from them) were owned by:

A. The King

B. The local Lord

C. The baker

D. None of the above

3. The ideal temperature for pizzas to cook in a pizza oven is:

A. 120 degrees

B. 500 degrees

C. 300 degrees

D. 800 degrees

4. What are the advantages of a wood-fired pizza oven?

A. It cooks pizza more quickly

B. It helps retain nutrients

C. It doesn’t require any electricity or gas

D. All of the above


(Scroll down to see the answers and find out if you’re a pizza foodie!)


Now that Caffe Gelato’s gotten its brand new look, we’ve also made some tasty additions to our menu. If you’ve stopped by the restaurant recently, you may have noticed our wood-fired pizza oven heating up some cheesy goodness next to our gelato bar. Caffe Gelato now serves some delicious artisan pizza as part of our house-crafted favorites! And we use this pizza oven to give them that unique, smoky flavor.

You may be wondering how pizza ovens started in the first place – after all, their popularity has been soaring in restaurants all across the country. But wood-fired pizza actually goes all the way back to ancient Greece! Before we had frozen pizza kits and chain pizzerias, artisans would bake their pies in a wood-fired pizza oven. Fun Fact: The ovens found over in Pompeii are actually still usable!

Pizza ovens have come a long way since their humble beginnings. They spread all across Europe during the medieval period and became prefabricated in the Victorian era. Modern brick pizza ovens took off with 1970s Italian cuisine, making its way through popular tourist destinations like Rome, Florence, and Emilia-Romagna. Nowadays, they’re built with ceramic insulation, making pizza production even faster and less expensive.

Paired with a glass of vino, wood-fired pizza is the perfect comfort food to warm you up this winter! Caffe Gelato now has a number of artisan pizza dishes on our menu. Fresh Figaro pizza with fig puree and thin sliced Prosciutto di Parma, Giovani pizza with burrata and basil pesto, and Campagnola pizza with pepperoni and buffalo mozzarella are just a few highlights! Call (302) 533-0201 to make a reservation and try one of our new house-crafted wood-fired pizzas!